Describe your DJ style?

     I am professional and well spoken.  I am as low-key as you'd like and as high-energy as you'll need.  I'm very flexible and laid back.

    In addition, all Double Platinum Celebrations DJs are personally handpicked by DJ Pat, and must adhere to the high standards of excellence we are known for in the Entertainment Industry. We are well spoken, professional, and are NOT singing, dancing DJs that bring props and are trying to be in the spotlight ( think Adam Sandler in the Wedding Singer .. not our style, not us )

What qualifies you to be a DJ?

     I have been entertaining people for twenty years coast to coast and border to border.  I have an Associate's Degree in Recording Engineering and Touring.  I have emceed many events on concert stages in arenas, theatres, clubs, and wedding halls.  I am very comfortable in front of a crowd and can easily read a room to set the tone for the festivities.  In summary, years of experience entertaining people, and a formal music education qualifies me.

    Our talented staff of DJs all have years of experience as Entertainers and Emcees. They all have spent years perfecting their craft coming from such diverse backgrounds in Radio, Bands, Nightclubs and formal educations in the Music Industry.

What distinguishes your DJ company from other DJs?

     First and foremost, We care and We listen.

     Unfortunately there are vendors out there who only care about the next gig and not the relationship you're building with the client.  Most of our clients become repeat customers who either refer our services or book us again for another function.

Are you available for same-sex weddings?


How many other DJs do you work with?

     In addition to the talented staff of DJs we have, we also work with a vast network of DJs outside of our organization. That's right; we work with the competitors. It is more important for us to know we have put a client in touch with the most qualified DJ for their special event, whether it's with us or someone outside Double Platinum Celebrations.

So you have replacement DJs available in case you become unavailable?

     Absolutely!  Only in the event of an emergency or unforeseen circumstances would we not be there.  You are covered!

Do you issue contracts for functions?

     Every function is contracted, and we personally review the contract with you so you are informed and comfortable.

How far in advance should we book you?

     Over sixty percent of our personal availability fills up a year in advance.
     The earlier the better, so you can retain the DJ services you want.

Will you hold our date?

     Due to the high demand for our services , we are unable to hold a date for someone while they are in the looking process for their entertatinment. We fill our dates on a first come, first serve basis. A contract and a deposit secure the date with us. We can generally schedule an in person meeting with most clients within a week of them first contacting us. For most clients we are able to accommodate all the information they need directly over the phone and online. Most of our clients are destination weddings to Maine and due to the distance we never see them until the day of the wedding.

Do you accept credit cards?

     Yes, we do through PayPal.  You can easily be guided through the process on my homepage.

Are you available to meet us in person?

     Yes, as many times as you'd like.  We love meeting people.  All clients get unlimited consultations.

Can we provide our own music?

     You may, but our preference is to take care of all your musical needs.  If you have songs that are special and unavailable anywhere, we would ask that you get them to us in advance of your function so we can ensure they will play properly in our equipment.

Do you offer optional add on services?

     We offer several options that are subject to availability. Please check with us as we are always updating our optional services. You are only limited by your imagination.

What is the minimum amount of time you can be retained for?

     Four hours.

Can we book you for a portion of the event ?

     For insurance purposes and the safety of your guests and our DJs, our time generally starts when your guests first arrive. It isn't an option for us to be moving equipment and setting up while your function is already underway with guests walking about. We arrive 90 minutes - 2 hours early to set up and are ready when the doors open when the first guests arrive. We are ready to accommodate your Cocktail Hour, Announcements, and Dinner Music prior to the dancing festivities.

What is the music selection process ?

     With today's technology we are able to give our clients access to a huge digital music library that is constantly updated each week. Clients can pick songs, build playlists, and most importantly build a " Do Not Play List ." It is a team effort selecting the right songs ; between you, your DJ, and your guest requests. We love taking requests and are skilled at reading a crowd to keep the dance floor packed .

Will you emcee the party?

     We will be your Master of Ceremonies and handle all of your announcements and coordinate all formalities with your other vendors.

Do you take breaks?

     No.  Music is constantly playing.

How will you dress?

     However you would like us attired.  A tuxedo is standard attire for a wedding.  A suit, or shirt tie and slacks is also standard.

Do you have references?

     Yes.  References are available upon request.

Can we come see you at another person's wedding?

     No. These are private functions. Having uninvited guests at a wedding is unprofessional.

If we can not see you at a wedding how do we know you are right for us?

     If after meeting us in person at a no obligation consultation (we love meeting people!) or speaking to us on the phone (we sound the same on the mic as the phone...just a little more amplified) or speaking with any of the hundreds of references we have, or venues that recommend us, or reviewing the dozens of testimonial letters, as well as online videos, and seeing the happy satisfied customers on our website, you are unsure... that's ok..

     Our goal is to provide you with all of the necessary information you need to make an informed decision and to be comfortable. You need to be's your big day!

Do you have backup equipment?

     All professional DJs will have backup equipment with them.

Do you have wireless microphones?


Do you have insurance?

     Yes, all DJs carry Liability Insurance

What tips or advice can you recommend for people considering a Disc Jockey?

     Most people have to answer to money on a daily basis when they are making decisions, and your wedding day is certainly no exception.

     It is second nature to price shop for the best deal on virtually everything.  While price may be a consideration when choosing your favorite vendors, ultimately it should not be the deciding factor.  If it sounds too good to be true... it probably is too good to be true.  Don't let your special day be someone else's training day.  There are many DJ horror stories out there.

     Do your research so you can be comfortable and well informed when you make your decision.

We'd really like to be your DJ Service.
DJ Patrick Daniels - Owner
Double Platinum Celebrations

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